Linx is a low-code platform designed to reduce development time and costs. With Linx you can create, integrate and automate business applications, ranging from simple to highly complex, without the need for programming.

Application integration

Access APIs, databases & files from one application & convert them for use in other applications.

Web services

Create REST or SOAP web services to communicate with databases, send emails, write files, call APIs, etc.

Automate data transfer

Transfer files over networks with message queues, or use FTP or email protocols. Schedule or trigger these transfers.

Business process management

Automate business processes to improve efficiency & reduce errors.

Extract, transform & load

Connect to any database, get the information you need, quickly transform, and then load it into any other database or file format of your choice.

Linx consists of two applications, Linx Designer and Linx Server.

Linx Designer is a visual development environment that allows you to design complex processes without writing code. These process definitions are saved to a Linx Solution file that can be shared with other people or uploaded to a Linx Server.

Linx Designer
Linx Designer

Linx Server is a Windows Service application that hosts Linx Solutions developed by a Linx Designer. Linx Server is responsible for firing the trigger events or hosting the web services defined in the Linx Solution. It is managed via a browser interface.

Linx Server
Linx Server