Linx is a low-code platform designed to reduce development time and costs. With Linx you can create, integrate and automate business applications, ranging from simple to highly complex, without the need for programming.

Business Need

Do you need a comprehensive integration and business process automation tool?

Business operations have various electronic systems, some manual operations and electronic and person-to-person communication with business partners and clients. For improved efficiency, communication between systems and business entities must be electronic and seamless, and manual operations must be automated where feasible. New systems or processes must be integrated with the existing infrastructure. All of this must happen while still providing flexibility for change in a fast moving and competitive environment.


Linx is an integration and business process automation tool.

Implementing Linx will:

  • save time through automation of manual processes
  • enable processes to be changed quickly and efficiently
  • enable new systems to be integrated quickly and efficiently
  • improve customer and business partner relationships, through faster processing of transactions and queries
  • save money on expensive development of custom integration software